White Lotus in blossom…

To an early violet

Posted in English, Swami Vivekananda by ytelotus on September 14, 2012


This poem was written by Swami Vivekananda to a Western lady-disciple Sister Christine from New York on 6th January 1896.

Violet is the spring flower of the West.  But when it blooms in late winter, i.e. before the advent of spring, it has to fight against the cold.  Urging the reader to muster strength and remain unperturbed thro’ life’s unfair trials, this poem is sure to lift one’s spirit during the trying times.


What though thy bed be frozen earth,
Thy cloak the chilling blast;
What though no mate to cheer thy path,
Thy sky with gloom o’ercast;

What though if love itself doth fail,
Thy fragrance strewed in vain;
What though if bad o’er good prevail,
And vice o’er virtue reign:

Change not thy nature, gentle bloom,
Thou violet, sweet and pure,
But ever pour thy sweet perfume
Unasked, unstinted, sure!

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