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Na kisii kii aankh kaa noor hoon…

Posted in Bahadur Shah Zafar, Language & Literature, Urdu by ytelotus on March 31, 2013

About :
This ghazal, written by Bahadur Shah Zafar, while in exile at Rangoon-Burma where he was sent to  after the Indian rebellion (1857-1858),  reflects his own forsaken, weathered state of mind at the time.  Through this piece of poetry, he presents before us as forlorn a picture as could be imagined of being a desolate; uncared for and shunned by the world.

Poem :

Na kisii kii aankh kaa noor hoon, Na kisii ke dil kaa qaraar hoon
Jo kisii ke kaam na aa sake, Main voh ek mushth-e-ghubaar hoon

Mera rang roop bigad gaya, Mera yaar mujhse bichhad gayaa
Jo chaman khizaa se ujad gaya, Main uskii fasal-e-bahaar hoon

Na tho main kisii kaa habiib hoon, Na tho mai kisii ka raqiib hoon
Jo bigad gaya voh nasiib hoon, Jo ujad gaya voh dayaar hoon

Padhne faatehaa koi aaye kyon, Koi chaar phool chadaaye kyon
Koi aake shamma jalaaye kyon, Main voh bekasii ka mazaar hoon

Main nahii hoon naghma-e-jaanfizaa, Mujhe sunke koi karega kya
Main bade barog kii hoon sadaa, Main bade dukhii kii pukaar hoon

Dictionary Reference :
Noor =
lustre, refulgence, radiance
Qaraar =
ease, patience, repose, resilience
Mushth-e-ghubaar =
handful of dust
Khizaa =
Fasal-e-bahaar =
Habiib =
beloved, friend
Raqiib =
enemy, rival
Dayaar =
place, residence
Faateha =
the first or opening sura of the Quran
Bekasii =
despair, helplessness
Mazaar =
mausoleum, shrine, tomb, grave
Naghmaa-e-Jaanfizaa =
Barog =
Sadaa =
call, tone, echo

Rendition by Mohammad Rafi :

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  1. Pradeep said, on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Timeless gems

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