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Mere naseeb ne jab mujhse

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This beautiful ghazal by Shaz Tamkanat, popularized to the world by the voice of Begum Akhtar, speaks of the grief and melancholy that has befallen one as though avenged by one’s fate.

Ghazal :
Mere naseeb ne jab mujhse inteqaam liya
Kahaan kahaan terii yaadon ne haath thaam liya

Faza kii aankh bhar aayii hawaa ka rang uda
Sukoot-e-shaam ne chupke se tera naam liya

Woh main nahii thaa ek harf bhii na kah paaya
Woh bebasii thii ke jisne teraa salaam liya

Har ek khushi mein tere gham kii aabroo rakh lii
Har khushii se tere gham ne inteqaam liyaa

Dictionary reference :
Inteqaam = avenge, revenge
Fazaa =  environment, atmosphere
Sukoot =  peace, silence, tranquility
Harf = syllable, letter, alphabet
Bebasii = helplessness, limitation, oppression
Aabroo = honour, dignity, reputation

Rendition by Begum Akhtar :

Olavina geLeyane ninage

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Boundless Canvas

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Come summer vacation and sending children to summer camps seems to be the most obvious choice for those parents looking for a breather.   There is this belief too that these camps would constructively engage the young, demanding minds; the onus of which would otherwise be on the parents.  I was of this opinion until this summer, when I decided to do it different, do it myself.  The outcome has been very satisfying.


Baat karnii mujhe mushkil kabhii…

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The mood of this beautiful ghazal by Bahadur Shah Zafar revolves around one’s astonishment over the sudden unforeseen transformation in the attitude/temperament of the beloved.

Poem :
Baat karnii mujhe mushkil kabhii aisii tho na thii
Jaisii ab hai terii mehfil kabhii aisii tho na thii

Le gaya cheen ke kaun aaj tera sabr-o-qaraar
Beqaraarii tujhe ai-dil kabhii aisii tho na thii

Uskii aankhon ne khudaa jaane kya kiyaa jaadoo
Ke tabiiyat merii maaiil kabhii aisii tho na thii

Nigaah-e-yaar ko ab kyon hai taghaaful ai-dil
Voh tere haal se ghaafil kabhii aisii tho na thii

Chashm-e-qaatil merii dushman thii hamesha lekin
Jaisii ab ho gayii qaatil kabhii aisii tho na thii

Kya sabab thuu jo bigadtha hai Zafar se har baar
Khuu terii hoor-e-shamaail kabhii aisii tho na thii

Dictionary Reference :
Tabiiyat = temperament, disposition
Maail = inclined, persuaded, biased
Nigaah-e-yaar = beloved’s eyes
Taghaaful = lethargy
Ghaafil = careless, oblivious, ignorant, unaware
Chashm-e-qaatil = Killer eyes (lethal look)
Khuu = habit, behaviour, nature
Hoor = nymph, beauty, virgin of paradise
Shamaail = Habits, nature, disposition
Hoor-e-shamaail =  epitome of virtues

Rendition by Mehdi Hassan :