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Mere naseeb ne jab mujhse

Posted in Language & Literature, Shaz Tamkanat, Urdu by ytelotus on April 29, 2013

About :
This beautiful ghazal by Shaz Tamkanat, popularized to the world by the voice of Begum Akhtar, speaks of the grief and melancholy that has befallen one as though avenged by one’s fate.

Ghazal :
Mere naseeb ne jab mujhse inteqaam liya
Kahaan kahaan terii yaadon ne haath thaam liya

Faza kii aankh bhar aayii hawaa ka rang uda
Sukoot-e-shaam ne chupke se tera naam liya

Woh main nahii thaa ek harf bhii na kah paaya
Woh bebasii thii ke jisne teraa salaam liya

Har ek khushi mein tere gham kii aabroo rakh lii
Har khushii se tere gham ne inteqaam liyaa

Dictionary reference :
Inteqaam = avenge, revenge
Fazaa =  environment, atmosphere
Sukoot =  peace, silence, tranquility
Harf = syllable, letter, alphabet
Bebasii = helplessness, limitation, oppression
Aabroo = honour, dignity, reputation

Rendition by Begum Akhtar :

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