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Posted in Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Language & Literature, Urdu by ytelotus on May 18, 2013

About :
Revolutionary by tone, thro’ this poetry, Faiz Ahmed Faiz urges the reader to speak up, for the lips are not sealed,  for the words are yours, for your soul is your own, for time is running out, for truth has to prevail…

Poem :

Bol ke lab azad hain tere
Bol, zabaan ab tak terii hai
Tera sutvaan jism hai tera
Bol ke jaan ab tak terii hai

Dekh aahangar kii dukaan mein
Tund hain shole, surkh hai aahan
Khulne lage quflon ke dahaane
Faila har ek zanjiir kaa daaman

Bol, yeh thodaa vaqt bahut hai
Jism-o-zabaan kii maut se pahle
Bol, ke sach zindaa hai ab tak
Bol jo kuch kahnaa hai kahle

Dictionary reference :
Sutvaan = delicate, fine
Aahangar = blacksmith
Tund = fast, keen, loud
Surkh = red
Aahan = iron
Qufl = lock
Dahaana = mouth
Qufl ka dahaana = keyhole

Recital :

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  1. Pradeep said, on October 28, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Very Nice

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