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Posted in My musings by ytelotus on May 19, 2013

Nature has been man’s first teacher.  In observing nature, man  began to discern patterns.  Furthermore, these patterns seemed to exhibit constancy in their properties, making way for man to study them in detail and formulate theories.  And thus evolved the various branches of science and mathematics, as tools to express and quantify Nature’s happenings.  These discoveries further formed the basis of inventions useful in man’s day-to-day life.

The patterns are nature’s clues to humans, which some of our intuitive philosophers, scientists and healers managed to keenly observe, record and infer meaning out of, for the world to see and correlate.  Albert Einstein maintained : “Look deep into nature, and then you’ll understand everything better”.  So if you wish to understand science or mathematics in its truest sense, the first task is to intuitively study the phenomena of nature.

All that we know today is all that we gradually made out of nature: shape, colour, force, motion etc.  When you open your eyes to the world of shapes, you’ll see a sphere in bubbles or celestial bodies, polygon in star-fish or honeycomb, cone in cedar tree, oval in egg, cylinder in tree-trunk, helix in tendrils, spiral in nautilus shell, parabola in a stream of water from fountain and so on.  Likewise, motion of objects leave behind different trails – straight line, circular, trajectory, elliptical, sinusoidal etc.  Then, there are oppositely paired properties in nature : symmetry-asymmetry, attraction-repulsion, constancy-randomness, periodicity-aperiodicity, centripetal-centrifugal and so forth.

At another level, nature has inherently hidden messages for man in her design.  For instance, walnuts that resemble brain contain omega-3 fats good for brain functions.  The heart-shaped strawberries are good for heart.  The cross-section of carrots, rich in carotene beneficial for eyes, resemble cornea-pupil of an eye.  Now this correlation is astounding, for it reveals man’s image in nature.

With advances in science, it is slowly becoming possible to figure out the commonality that permeates various patterns and phenomena.  The electrons in orbitals staying bound to the nucleus at the microscopic level that somewhat compares to the planetary bodies in orbits staying bound to the sun at the macroscopic level seem to exhibit an intuitive link between the two phenomena.  The attractive and repulsive forces among like and unlike electric charges compare themselves to the similar forces exerted among like and unlike magnetic poles.

The more the common factors emerge, the easier it becomes to establish the unification of various phenomena in nature.  The scientists have done well already to link a few of them : electricity with magnetism, and electromagnetism with light.   The question is, would this process eventually lead us to the unification of man himself with the prevalent natural phenomena?  Like in every other thing, in this area of exploration too, man has experientially perceived some of nature’s cues.  For instance, the presence of a subtle luminous field called aura surrounding man’s body visible to the clairvoyants.  That there is force (attractive, repulsive) associated with this human field as well, is in itself an unfolding of yet another commonality with the nature of electric and magnetic forces.  Likewise, we can draw an analogy between the mechanism underlying wireless telephony and the man’s innate ability to telepathy, as though signaled by invisible high-speed traveling waves.  Such thoughts are bound to walk man through evolution.

The quest is on.  It is an endless journey of the open mind.  What man manages to unfold and where it’ll lead the mankind to, only time is to say.

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  1. A said, on July 17, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Right now mankind is heading towards it’s destruction… It only sees it’s link with power and money. We have not yet understood that all humans have the same color blood…

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