White Lotus in blossom…

Honing a child’s creativity

Posted in Art of education, Methinks by ytelotus on June 4, 2013

I must confess that I began to sense the gravity of creativity only after I had a child.  Until then, I mostly associated creativity with art-work.  Academics being the priority in our schooling years, creativity was a skill that I conveniently nudged into artists’ plate.



Nature’s signature

Posted in Art of education, Methinks by ytelotus on May 19, 2013

Nature has been man’s first teacher.  In observing nature, man  began to discern patterns.  Furthermore, these patterns seemed to exhibit constancy in their properties, making way for man to study them in detail and formulate theories.  And thus evolved the various branches of science and mathematics, as tools to express and quantify Nature’s happenings.  These discoveries further formed the basis of inventions useful in man’s day-to-day life.